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For people who love water
70% of the human body consists of water.
We are able to maintain a healthy state, as long as the body constantly gets fresh water.
However, the body will age, if the body fails to effectively facilitate the exchange between old and new water with a shortage of high-quality water.
Getting water into the body is very important for our health.
Unfortunately, the amount of water you can consume in a day is limited.
As such, the "quality" of the water becomes important.
It is best to incorporate in your daily life water that is closest to what is in your body.
"π-water" was created from that purpose.
For every research study, technology, and passion for those who love water…
We would like to be the water professionals.


ACM hopes to continue to make contributions to human health and society through its π-water.
See below to learn "how it works":

1. Increase in adaptability

> Expansion of the scope of application for sunlight, temperature, and humidity

2. Effects against harmful ions

> Inhibits negative effects of harmful metal ions

3. Purification of the Earth

> Improves poor quality of water, polluted soil, and brings back favorable conditions in the environment.

There are various other effects as well. We hope π-water continues to remain a product that is sought out by people and society.


ACM is the only company working specifically with π-water in Japan, which directly received guidance from Dr. Akiharu Yamashita, a professor in agricultural sciences who created "π-water" and continues its relationship with him today.

Professor Yamashita first presented π-water (theory on a system to incorporate π) in 1964.

Since then, we have conducted research on biological systems with Professor Yamashita, through collaborative research and advice about product quality. Presently, we are bringing a variety of products featuring the real-life applications of the π-water concept to agriculture and dairy industries, as well as commercial, food, and home water purifiers.