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  • Professional-use Pi-water Purifier
  • Resonance Pro
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  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen - Pi-water
  • Kitchen - Pi Ceramics for Drinking Water
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  • Bath
  • Bath - Pi-water Purifier for Shower
  • Bath - Home Hot Bath Equipment
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  • Bottled Water
  • Bottled Water - Drinking π Water
  • Pi Salt
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  • Cosmetics
  • Cosmetics - Soaps
  • Cosmetics - Skin Care
  • Cosmetics - Toothpaste
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  • for Pets
  • Pet - Drinking Water for Pets
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  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture - Ten Ten
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  • Other Products - Harmony Mist

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name ACM Co., Ltd.
Representative Yoshimasa Kijima
Capital 50 million yen
Company Address
【Head Office】
MYS Bldg. 3F, 4-8-10 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
130-0026, JAPAN 
TEL 03-3634-7373
FAX 03-3634-7384
Established 01-Aug-83
Major Banks The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, Honjo-Chuo Branch
Associated Company Aqua R&D (a research laboratory)
Kenkou Mizuhonpo Ltd.
【Head Office】
MYS Bldg. 3F, 4-8-10 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
130-0026, JAPAN
4-15-8 Narashinodai, Funabashi, Chiba
274-0071, JAPAN
TEL 047-468-7252
FAX 047-468-7253
Scope of Business - Manufacturer and sales of home and professional use water purifiers (Life Clean series)
- Manufacturer and sales of industrial water treatment equipment (Life Core)
- Manufacturer and sales of drinking water (Varuna π-water, MRN-100A)
- Manufacturer and sales of skin care products (Aphyes series)
- Manufacturer and sales of agricultural materials (Hatuikuou, Minori-Meijin)
- Manufacturer and sales of supplements (Vitamin S Gold)
- Manufacturer and sales of salt (π Salt)

Campany History

Year History Products
1984 Head office was established in Ryogoku
Agriculture materials (soil amendment and fertilizer)
Agricultural materials
Sakigake 2D
Fresh-Keeping Bag
1985 Shifted to Agricultural industry; open-field culture, hothouse cultivation Life Serve
For fishery and plants
Life Core
1986 Specialize in flowering plant value-added products
Shifted from plants to farming and fishery industry
The data and results are recognized
Fresh-Keeping Solutions
Marin Fresh
Water quality modification device for farming
1987 Started business with Marubeni Corporation for fertilizer Clean Schooner
1988 Developed a home water activator Water activator
Life Clean
1989 Developed a large-sized water quality modification device for swimming pools   Life Core for swimming pools
1990 Developed a water quality modification device for home bath Bath Fine for bath
1991 Moved head office (3 Midori Sumida-ku)
Assembly plant (4 Ishihara Sumida-ku)
Export to Korea
1992 π skin care products
Medical hair growth agent
Dental health toothpaste
Π tonic
Π Salt Dental
1993 Developed water purifiers for shower Resonance
1994 Moved the purifier assembly plant (Nishisatuma Kamagaya city)
Developed golf products
Soil improvement additive
Sunscreen mist
1995 Contract research to UCL in the United States
Contract research for HIV to a hospital in Thailand
1996 Focused on development of human resources  
1997 Sales in beverages (in-house production)
(Open a filling facility in Satuma Kamagaya city)
Manufacture beverages
Drinking water for pets
Varuna π Water
Varuna Gold πW
Pet Eve
1998 Moved the purifier assembly plant (Fujiwara Funabashi city)
Moved head office (Ryogoku SS building) 2 Ryogoku
Developed a water purifier for shower for hair salons' professional use
π Gold Royal
1999 Supplements
Additive-free skin care products
πtamin S
2000 Acquired ISO 9001
Developed additive-free skin care products
Designed and developved the tripartite water activator
(Shampoo and conditioner)
2001 Developed supplements
Developed MX removal water activator
Well Aging
Super Water/High performance water activator
2002 Developed soil improvement additive  Developed Fresh-keeping solutions
Moved head office (Ryogoku MYS building) 4 Ryogoku
Expanded infrastructure
Hachiman-no Megumi
Fresh-Keeping: Maguron
2003 Closed the filling facility
Developed liquid vegetable active agent
Developed rental products
Drinking water for pets
(Released Pitarigen)
2004 Opened an office in Korea
Improved a water purifier for shower for hair salons (change the model)
Resonance: T3
2005 Improved the tripartite water activator
Improved Super Water
Combustion improving agent for cars
Developed "Giga Hose"
2006 Developed a medium-sized water quality modification device (Cartridge)
Developed bathing equipment
Closed the office in South Korea
Suiren CW-370
Radon Alpha Meisui-no Takumi
2007 Improved rental products
Improved a water purifier for shower (Dual-mode)
Improved soil improvement additive and liquid active agent (Price)
2008 Developed organic liquid fertilizer and fertilize
Developed RO combined water purifier
Yuuki-no Megumi
2010 Developed liquid supplement
Developed Π Water hair care products
"Otukare Kyukyu π Water"
"Marin Rose Shampoo and conditioner"
2011 Developed fermentation accelerator  
2012 Marubeni/Plant factory/Launched tests "Shuka Ace"
2013 Install machines: started tests
Developed liquid supplement
Renewal MRNー100/
"Otukare Kyukyu π Water"Jelly
2014 Marubeni/prototype fertilizer for Chinese market
Drinking water for pets
Released Pitarigen 500 ml